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Depression Etiform provides patients with depression or drug addiction …

09.04.2021 – 13:24


Saint-Cloud, France, Feb. 7 / PR Newswire /

Etiform holds exclusive rights to two digital therapies, Deprexis and Vorvida, developed by GAIA AG (GAIA), the global leader in digital therapy. With these innovative, clinically proven digital therapies, Ethipharm is strengthening its productivity, considering its vital potential central nervous system (CNS), previously inappropriate need for patients and healthcare providers. .

30 million people in Europe suffer from depression. The burden of mental disorders is increasing, which has a significant impact on health and has greater social and economic consequences. Current COVID-19 infection leads to an increase in depression and alcohol use disorders. At the same time, it has accelerated the spread of digital technologies in the healthcare sector in order to maintain adequate care for infectious patients.

In this context, Etiform recognizes that using its CNS expertise, especially in relation to pain, addiction and depression, innovative and reliable treatment solutions can provide new alternatives to treat patients and support medical professionals beyond conventional medications. Required.

deprexis® is a web-based, digital, therapeutic medical product aimed at helping patients cope with depressive symptoms and is one of the most researched digital therapies in the world. vorvida® helps to reduce the risks and harms of consuming complex alcohol. Digital therapy has been shown to be clinically effective in treating troublesome or harmful alcohol use such as diagnosed alcohol use disorder.

Ethiform holds exclusive rights to Depreciation in four European countries: France, the United Kingdom, Italy and Spain. Vorvida was initially licensed to France, with rights to extend to other European countries later. Under the terms of the agreement with GAIA, Etiform will ensure the marketing and distribution of these two digital therapies in licensed areas.

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Digital Therapeutics (DTX), part of digital therapies, represents an important developmental lever for ethyform. According to market data forecast, the European digital therapy market is estimated at 12 612 million by 2020 and the average annual growth rate from 2021 to 2026 is 21.4%.

Mental disorders are a huge burden on people, society and the economy around the world. Considering COVID-19 and the growing concerns related to mental health, we wanted to provide innovative treatment options for patients and their physicians. These digital disorder therapies have proven their effectiveness and are in line with Etiform’s ambitious goal of improving people’s lives. Partnership with GAIA, a pioneer of digital healthcare services, illustrates Etiform’s ability to address an unwanted need and develop a solution to it or find the best partner to meet that needBertrand Deloward, CEO of Etiform, explains.

After 20 years of research and development in this area, healthcare systems across Europe are now beginning to realize the enormous potential of delivering scientifically proven DTX products. So we are pleased that Etiform is launching our two products in major European markets to help reduce the enormous medical, psychological and economic burdens caused by these diseases.Dr. Mario Weiss, President and Founder of GAIA, commented.

About Ethiform

Etiform is a European pharmaceutical company that focuses on two areas of treatment: central nervous system and intensive care medicine. Etiform sells its drugs directly in Europe and China, as well as with partners in North America and the Middle East, where there is a high demand for the drug. The group of companies employs more than 1500 people, mainly in Europe and China. Etiform works closely with government agencies and health professionals to ensure the proper use of its drugs and make them available to as many as possible.

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About GAIA

GAIA, the world’s leading provider of digital therapeutics (DTX, treatments using digital technologies), successfully launched its first product in 2001. Through its intense focus on research and development of evidence-based, fully automated online interventions, the company continues to set new standards based on the scale and safety profile of the effect of digital form therapy in neurology, immunology, oncology and behavioral medicine. With more than 250 professionals in the fields of medicine, psychology, behavioral medicine, software engineering and approval and market access, GAIA is one of the most experienced and largest global players in developing and supporting next-generation digital solutions. Patients with different types of diseases.

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