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Destiny 2 – New DLC removes some old content

In a new post, Bungie announced that we’ll have to say goodbye to the Forsaken campaign at its next additional premiere.

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And it’s still going on Fate 2 The fifteenth season, which runs until February 22, i.e. witch queen It will end when the DLC is named. The plug-in, announced in August, will provide players with a lot of new content, but it was recently revealed that unfortunately there are some details that will be removed from the program again. Bungie wrote in a separate post on This content will be cut off again, so we won’t be able to play Forsaken all the way from next February, we can also say goodbye to the Tangled Shore venue (Dreaming City and Last Wish raid will remain for those who bought DLC that year), in return you’ll arrive Classic raid, plus 3 previous PVP levels (one of these levels is Fate 1)

Previous Preview of The Witch Queen

In addition to the above, we’ve learned that the Forsaken campaign will be available for free to everyone from December 7, as well as a bundle that will give users access to Wish’s latest raid, Forsaken’s exotic weapons, and the Shattered Throne Dungeon.

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