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Destroy the iPhone in 10 years with Apple – glasses replace them

Apple’s AR headset will still work in 2022 with Mac-level computing power without the iPhone. It will be much more powerful than the iPhone.

Apple has been working on the device for years, which will be able to replace the iPhone in a way that preserves all its power.

The first step in succession is said to have been started next year by an apple giant who was bitten by a powerful AR speaker,

Which will be powered by powerful chips like the latest MacBooks.

Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at a well-known and trusted source to date, is the source of unverified news in international computer journalism, including Business Insider and 9To5Mac.

According to him, Apple’s AR headphone processor has “Mac-first computing power, able to work on its own without relying on a Mac (PC) or iPhone (phone), and supports a comprehensive set of applications rather than specific applications.”

Kuo writes in a note to investors that Apple aims to replace the iPhone with an AR speaker within 10 years:

Next year’s headset will be only the first step in the project.

The device, expected to be released in the fourth quarter of 2022, will be “combined with two processors: the high-end processor will have the same computing power as the Apple Mac M1, while the other processor will perform the calculations related to the sensors.”

It is expected that it will be equipped with two Sony 4K micro-OLED screens and is expected to support virtual reality as well.

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Apple’s AR headset requires a separate processor because the sensor’s computing power requirements will be much higher than those of the iPhone. For example, an augmented reality headset requires at least 6 to 8 visual units to provide users with AR services to watch video continuously at the same time. In comparison, the iPhone requires up to 3 optical units simultaneously and does not require continuous computing.

Kuo also says that “If the headset is positioned as an accessory for your Mac or iPhone, it will not help the product succeed. A standalone AR headset means that it will have its own ecosystem and will provide a more complete and flexible user experience.” However, this part of the report conflicts with the information in the information that this product is still in use You must be connected to your iPhone for it to work.

It is not known what the upcoming headset will look like from next year, but previous rumors suggest at least two versions are currently in development. It has been reported that Apple’s first headset looks more like an Oculus Quest virtual reality headset rather than a goggle, while the “thin” and more wearable device reminiscent of sunglasses is said to be ready by 2023.

The long-rumored headset is said to be the successor to the iPhone and aims to replace the smartphone with augmented reality headsets.

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