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Details of China’s space exploration plans for the next five years Science

China has revealed its plans for space exploration for the next five years, in which it has set ambitious goals, including strengthening its space infrastructure and developing a new generation of spacecraft that can transport people into space.

The country is also analyzing how people can be brought to the moon in the coming years. New recently published a program China will continue to make ambitious progress in space exploration. Before China tried to send people to the moon, The country plans to continue studying the moon using probes for the first time.

The roadmap details plans to send two robotic space probes to the moon over the next five years to study regions of the moon’s north poles, which are presumably home to water ice.

The first probe will retrieve lunar samples, while the second will “recoil detection” in the permanent shadow region. The nation will also study plans for its upcoming lunar probe and build an international research station on the moon in cooperation with international partners.

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