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Deutsch Anita, 47, wears a bikini: she is called a goddess when she sees her new photo – a Hungarian star

Deutsch Anita She showed off her flawless look in a bikini. The actress also uploaded two photos to her Instagram page of the family vacation showing that she is in a bombshell situation.

Summer comes: a period of heat waves, vacations, swimming and travel. Many people are waiting throughout the year to finally have a good time and be able to swim in Lake Balaton. Others book their vacations for the summer months and go to foreign resorts.

Deutch Anita in a bikini

Deutsch Anita and Otto Kinsey also started the season: they celebrated June with a foreign outing. They visited Albania, where they also had the opportunity to swim on the sandy beach and cool pool.

Photos of his ex-star among friends show how good he feels about his skin. He radiates in bikini shots, and it’s no coincidence that his followers have also praised his looks. Some described her as a goddess, while others were curious where to get the two adorable pieces she was wearing.

Those who follow the 47-year-old actress know just how important this sport is to her. He goes to work out four times a week, and occasionally takes pictures from the gym. At the same time, she is not a fan of self-sufficiency, she loves cakes and can buy delicious snacks. It is preferable to compensate with a lot of sports.

Barta Silvia, 52, wears a bikini

Barta Silvia Seeing her bikini figure, the 52-year-old weatherman is ready for summer: She greeted June with an image that would take her place in any magazine.

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