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Did Andy Tooth and Zabest Get Together?

He made his debut with a surprisingly cool track Szabest And the Andy Toth. Szabi Szabó said Andi is not only a good woman, but she is also smart. “Actually, I really like Andy because he’s so human. (…) We started communicating about the new song when (Star in Star – ed.) He was in the finals and came from the rehearsal there in the rain, by public transport, sweaty. (…) The chemistry between us worked right from the start“- He told the young singer on Life TV Wake up with us! In his presentation.

Szabyest and Andi Tóth were very in tune with each other during their joint work. Anything can be anything – Source: Life TV / Wake Up! – Video

According to him, the joint work is very well developed, and the chemistry between them continues to work well, but as to whether they form a party With Andó Tóth – whose behavior is sometimes harshly criticized -, he answered mysteriously that he did not. “In fact, we’re not actually partying yet. Who do you know? It could be anything else. (…) I see we are very upset in the comments section and there are very nice and nice comments. Anyway, we didn’t think it would be real“I acknowledge.

He says, when they were on set, they recorded the most intimate scenes at first, and they weren’t supposed to be playing it for a moment. “This is how it came out of us. It was completely honestHe said.

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