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Discharge of the hospital director: Half of the country can be taken by the fourth wave

László Bucsi is the General Director of the Szent György University Teaching Hospital in the Fejér district of Székesfehérvár. He was the first hospital director to break the silence and publish data on the epidemic.

A fourth wave could come

The hospital director is afraid of the fourth wave. As he put it, their hospital received 7,100 doses of vaccines for mass vaccination on Saturday, but the number of registered people is less than 3000. He said, “Most of the people still do not know what it is.”

Hardly any space condensed

László Bucsi also spoke about the fact that since last week, Fejér is the most affected province in Transdanubia, but also Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén. Previously, 125 intensive beds were designated for the COVID-19 virus, after only two and a half weeks of availability.

They had to rent two refrigerated containers because the corpses no longer fit anywhere else, but they were full two weeks ago.

However, according to his summary There is also good news: Now it looks like there will be enough capacity because after a long time, the number of Covidus patients arriving at the hospital’s emergency department is starting to drop significantly, he said.

still It is feared that if there is a fourth wave, It can be so dangerous that it “takes half of the country”. This can only be avoided with vaccination, so encourage everyone to get vaccinated. “It doesn’t matter what kind of vaccine it is. The vaccine helps,” he said.

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Not to be in Hungary what is now in India

It is the fifth day in a row in India until Sunday More than 300,000 new cases of coronavirus have been recordedAnd the current sad world record, on Sunday, recorded 354,531 new patients. According to the news, hospitals and the country’s healthcare system have collapsed, and patients in need of care are already waiting for care outside of hospitals, on the streets, and many hospitals have run out of oxygen.

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What happened in India since the Coronavirus pandemic was still celebrated in March? The government lifted restrictions and flooded markets, cricket matches, and religious events. It soon became apparent that the joy was hastening, and India was spread by the mutant Indian virus at lightning speed, which was spreading faster than ever before in the world.

Adding to the problem is that the world’s largest religious ceremony, the Kumbh Mela, which lasted for several weeks and was attended by an estimated 150 million people, was allowed to begin without any restrictions. April 10-14. Between 2,000 participants were definitely found to be coronavirus, but the event almost certainly contributed significantly to the jump in cases.

Although India is one of the largest vaccine producing countries in the world, it is difficult to organize and operate the vaccination program because the vaccination rate in the country of 1.3 billion people did not reach 10 percent at the end of April.

When does the Indian trans get here?

Virologists have previously warned that a powerful buffalo and highly resistant Indian mutant has appeared in the Czech Republic and Greece so it’s only a matter of time before it reaches Hungary – it is considered to open here a bit earlier. Homepage.

Crowd in downtown Budapest on the first night of opening the balcony Source:

According to Gabor Zakher, chief physician at Hatfan Hospital, people began to celebrate unimpeded after the stands opened out of irresponsibility.

“All I can say about the hammock after opening the balcony: We, the health workers, will be at the bedside, we will provide the right medicines, and we will do everything for people’s lives,” said Gabor Zakher. To the indexBecause he’s hoping he’s not right, but he thinks we’ll see the results of this irresponsibility in a couple of weeks.

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