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Disguised in white, a black man committed 30 robberies in Los Angeles

At least thirty robberies have been committed by a 30-year-old man in the Beverly Hills area of ​​Los Angeles. The African American man wore a white rubber mask that depicted a white man as a mask when committing crimes.

Beverly Hills police stopped him in early May and searched the 30-year-old Rockem Broell Your car. In the car, among other things, were found burglary tools and a rubber mask. The man was arrested and charged with dozens of robberies. Fox News writes.

Investigators had long ago linked two burglary to Brawell’s car. One was committed in July 2020, the other at the end of April this year. Based on CCTV footage operating around the scene of the robbery, the police searched for a white man wearing glasses. But later they noticed that the suspect’s mouth was always open, and from here they realized that it was not the perpetrator’s real face, but a rubber mask.

When police also searched Prowell’s apartment, they came across items from other burglaries. So far, the man has been charged with two burglary, but the investigation is not over yet. Prowell has been released on bail, and his first court hearing will be on May 25.

❗️ Media Statement – Captured: A prolific masked suspect in a residential robbery

Beverly Hills, California – on April 20, 2021, …

Posted by Beverly Hills Police Department On Friday, May 7, 2021

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