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Disruptions to the British market –

© Kelvin Atkins / ShutterstockIf you want to trade with Great Britain, you have to accept a lot of new rules and regulations. Assistance is available at the Overseas Trade Center in London.

Trade with Great Britain has “become an expensive, often difficult obstacle,” Christian Gesberg, the Austrian economic representative in London, told a web seminar for companies holding their accounts in the British market. “It’s important not only to look at the first barrier, but also the following, because the first is often not the last,” said Gesberg, who, along with experts from London and Vienna, gave numerous tips on what to look out for.

Brexit – a basic study of interruptions

For example, EU sales tax law no longer applies, but British law. Now exports and imports inevitably include customs clearance. One cannot assume that every product is automatically marketed in Great Britain just because it is in the EU. The rules of origin are gaining importance again in trade with the EU, and import records can only be made by people living in the UK. “That’s why so many EU companies are failing this time around,” Gesberg said. In addition, there is a special regulation for Northern Ireland, which is still part of the EU Internal Market and EU Customs. If goods are brought there via Great Britain, a transportation procedure must be used. There are substantial prices, especially for exporting and importing food of animal origin. Health certificates and veterinary certificates are now required here. Currently, officers are limited to document controls, and physical restrictions will be in place at specialized animal border control points from July.

Posting is not as easy as it used to be

Posts for carrying out assembly tasks are not as easy as they are now. They are only possible without a visa if there is a direct contractual relationship between the manufacturer and the customer for the assembly material. Affiliates or subcontractors can often only apply with a skilled labor visa. It would have been easier if the employee had already been in the assembly in the UK in the previous year – then a cross-border passenger visa might be sufficient. Also, the reference to CE in Great Britain is no longer valid and must be supplemented or replaced by the UKCA reference. Medical technology already needs this new labeling, and the transition period for most other products expires at the end of 2021. In addition, British dealers need to be identified on the product in the future.

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Apply electronically now to the “Registered Exporter”

The EU’s free trade agreements with third countries provide these countries with preferential tariffs on imports of goods of EU origin, usually even tariff exemptions. Proper EUR.1 Motion Certificate or Origin Notification or Origin Notification are used as proof of will. In the newly concluded trade agreement, the EU seeks to implement the self-certification system only as a “registered exporter” (abbreviated REX system). In order for economic operators to publish notices of origin (Canada) and origin (Japan, Vietnam and the United Kingdom) for a commodity value exceeding Euro 6000, they must be registered in a database in a competent database. The economic operator must become a “registered exporter” and quote the registration number (REX number) obtained in the respective notice. So far, it has been recorded in paper form. From the beginning of March, registration will be possible electronically only through the EU’s REX Specific Trade Portal (REX-STP). Austrian companies can access this portal by accessing the Enterprise Service Portal (USB). The advantage of electronic recording is that the application data is immediately available in the EU REX system, which enables faster processing. However, the Austrian Customs Office recommends contacting the Customs Office before submitting an application to avoid potential problems with the application and registration. The “Authorized Exporter” system in all agreements except Canada, Japan, Vietnam and the United Kingdom will remain parallel to the new REX system until these agreements are amended. “Authorized exporters” must also be registered as registered exporters for new contracts.