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Do not postpone football NB I – Debrecen news, Debrecen news | Debrecen and Hajdu Bihar district news

There is no postponement in football NB I.

The postponement of the resumption of the championship was not supported by the majority of clubs, so according to the original announcement, the OTP League struggles will continue – according to the Hungarian Football Association (MLSZ).

The MLSZ stated on its website on Friday that “the conditions for hosting matches remain in line with government health measures, and sporting events can be held with strict epidemiological protocols, continuous testing and meticulous regulatory measures.”

The coalition prioritizes health protection, prevents the spread of the epidemic, and continues to fund PCR testing for players and staff

– sets out the communication, which also states that the MLSZ will monitor the development of the epidemic and, if necessary, take prompt and effective measures.

The tournament will continue in the 18th round on January 29-30. Before that, the Puskás Academy-Ferencváros match, which has been postponed from the fourth round, will be replaced on the 27th.

You will receive DVSC Kisvárda on January 29 at 5 pm.

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