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Do you like to dress up your characters? Then Blizzard’s latest patent is yours!

Blizzard may take customization to the next level as it looks to improve the way armor and clothing look on video game characters.

Many players will probably share the views of the developers of Blizzard that creating the right look for their playable character is of paramount importance. Players from titles like Cyberpunk 2077, Skyrim, and Elden Ring can spend hours crafting a character maker crafting their perfect hero. Now it looks like a file world of cans Its developers are preparing to greatly improve the presentation of the characters.

Blizzard isn’t looking to go any further by making faces more realistic or adding extra hair physics: the developer and publisher’s latest patent looks more specific in armor and clothing in video games.

These two sets of items are important when it comes to character customization, with players sometimes wearing items with lower stats just to make their hero look good, which is why some titles like Horizon Forbidden West have implemented a dispatch system.

According to a Blizzard patent, each outfit will look better on the character, which hopefully means one appearance won’t immediately look better on one player than another. The company’s patented system will modify 3D objects in games for each character model depending on how closely they fit the previous model. This basically means that a piece of armor or clothing will be modified to fit the character you’re wearing, rather than one look at the female character model and the other for the male version.

This sounds like a very ambitious patent, and if it works the way the company plans it could result in a single player character appearing different from that of his friends, even if they both wear the same equipment. It looks like this patent will be especially useful in Blizzard’s upcoming survival game.

Not much is known about the new title yet, but it will take place in the new developer’s world and is said to be a meeting of modern and fantasy vibes.

Of course, as an IP whose characters wear a lot of armor, World of Warcraft could benefit from the new property system. It’s possible that the upcoming World of Warcraft Dragonflight expansion for the MMO will also include some new armor with this technology, although this is unlikely, as Blizzard appears to want to use this system on newer titles rather than older IPs. The new shield design may not be available for some time, but players looking to spice up their character’s style will want to keep an eye on it.

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