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Do you need panties for the evening? It does not matter in terms of intimate health – health

When it comes to pajamas, there are many schools out there: some swear by nudity, others can’t even imagine a night without socks.

Opinions are also divided about the need for underwear, especially when it comes to wearing panties under a nightgown or pajamas, for example. While it is normal for many people to be assigned, this may not be the best decision in terms of intimate health.

Could it be better to skip the underwear at night?

We combine underwear, hygiene and mechanical protection in everyday life. Although one tends to choose based on the outer rails, comfort is also the primary consideration. If you’re too tight or too loose, cutting or rubbing your bra or panties, it’s hard to wear them all day. At night, during sleep, underwear should have a lower protective function, so experts say it’s not completely necessary, especially if someone is already hiding in a nightgown anyway.

Under the underwear, the temperature of the genitals and the surrounding areas will be slightly higher and the humidity will also increase. This is especially true under tight, less airy pieces. The situation can be exacerbated by night sweats, which everyone experiences at times in their lives, summer heat, a warm winter room, restless nights and restless nights may all lead to increased sweating These factors can increase the likelihood of pathogens settling, and the risk of infection Fungal, because bacteria and fungi are especially fond of moist, warm and dark places.

Of course, this does not mean that every woman who sleeps in panties necessarily has to deal with similar ailments, but there are those who can really benefit from letting go of underwear. The Live Science According to the gynecologist he interviewed. This includes those who suffer from chronic vaginitis and are more susceptible to fungal infections, which are the most common causes of vaginitis. The problem is usually accompanied by thick white vaginal discharge, burning and itching. After covering the day, exercising, or sweating due to warm weather, night ventilation of intimate body parts may be part of the hygiene.

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Studies show that not only can women benefit from neglecting their underwear at night. Men’s sperm count can be negatively affected wears tight underwearBecause it raises the temperature of the testicles, which are very sensitive to heat – which is why doctors do not necessarily recommend a hot bath, jacuzzi or sauna. For men, it is recommended to use loose-fitting boxers and not too tight pants to maintain their health.

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Material and style do not matter

However, during menstruation, most women are reluctant to drop their underwear even at night, which is totally understandable. Even then, it is worth choosing your panties carefully. Many people in stores now take a closer look at the texture of clothes, which is especially important in the case of underwear: it is recommended to use products made of natural materials, such as cotton, both day and night. In addition to absorbing moisture.

Underwear that is too tight and possibly shaping is not often recommended, even during the day, it is unnecessarily unnecessary at night and should be avoided. However, it’s also worth considering the technique: Most people now know that thongs aren’t the healthiest option, and sliding from the anus to the vaginal opening or urethra can also divert bacteria, which also increases the chances of infection.

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