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Does Russia want to divert attention? – Says British intelligence

British Department of Defense Breakfast Subject he said:

  • The overall rate of Russian plane and artillery accidents in the last 24 hours was lower than in previous days.
  • Ukraine still has the major cities of Kharkiv, Chernihiv and Mariupol. There have been reports of street fighting in Sumi. All four cities are likely to be surrounded by Russian forces.
  • Russian forces may push towards the southern port city of Mykolayiv. There is a realistic chance that some forces will try to get around the city to advance towards Odessa.

Evening service Said Latest intelligence information. The British say the ceasefire proposed in Mariupol is a distraction.

The ceasefire proposed by Russia in Mariupol may have been an attempt to divert international condemnation, while at the same time shifting forces to re-attack. By accusing Ukraine of violating the treaty, Russia will seek to shift responsibility for civilian casualties in the city now and in the future.

The British Department of Defense said.

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