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Does the Turkish media already know something? – They can actually cancel their race

There will be no Canadian Grand Prix this year either, we already knew that. Formula 1 announced the news weeks ago, and in addition to the fact that it will be replaced by Turkey, the race can now be held again after last year.

However, this seems increasingly remote at the moment, as several Turkish sports channels seem to have also mentioned that they have blew up their grand prize which will take place between June 11-13.

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The S Sport And the Mansetepack It was also learned that the race has already been canceled, although this news has not yet been confirmed by Formula 1, it may also happen soon, as Stefano Domenicali said earlier that a decision was expected in the next few days. To cause competition. over there.

If the rumors are really true, you still don’t know what the series will do. They likely will not exchange a losing match for anything at all, so this year they will only end up with 22 races, but two may be held elsewhere.

In this case, several paths may be considered. There’s Austria and France, for example, but even Silverstone. And in some respects, it is not excluded that Turkey will continue to hold a competition only later in the year, when British quarantine rules are already being relaxed.

So far, nothing is certain, we are awaiting the official Formula 1 decision.

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