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Dogsebayev took the exams for sportsmanship

Talent Dujsebaev, the technical director of the Kielce men’s handball team, praised the performance of Nantes goalkeeper Emil Nielsen, who knocked his team out of the Champions League – according to him, the Danish player was the biggest difference between the two teams.


Dujbaev’s talent paid tribute to Nantes goalkeeper Emil Nielsen (Photo: AFP)

a Vive Kelsey You can expect one goal advantage Nantes In the eighth final of the Men’s Handball Champions League. At 30-30, the Polish team was still in good shape, but in the end they were knocked out 31-34, so he had to bid him farewell.

At the post-match press conference, Mr. Kielchi, Talant Dogsebagiv He was very athletic and his opponent was the Danish goalkeeper, Emile Nielsent Praised and praised:

“This guy was the biggest difference between the two groups Dujbaev started, pointing to Nielsen next to him. – He made from sixteen to seventeen defenses per match, what should I say? Congratulations! ” He closed when he reached out to the goalkeeper.

About the scene, official BL Facebook page Registration reported:

a Telecom Vesprm With a lead by 14 goals, he could cut it into the eighth final rematch, which starts at 6.45pm Thursday evening, With Vardar Scooby against. If he succeeds, he can play against Nantes to reach between all four.

Men’s Champions League
Final eighth, refund
Kelsey (Polish) – Nantes (French) 31–34
Progressing: In Nantes, 58With a total of -56.