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Dolby Vision has arrived for the new generation of Xbox

With the new update, anyone can activate the service, of course only if they have a compatible screen.

Hare D et al

Even in late spring, we reported it Dolby Vision approaches the next generation of Xbox, which has now arrived as part of an update. As a result, HDR can now be played on Xbox Series S and X consoles not only via HDR10 but also via the Dolby Vision standard.

This obviously requires a TV that supports Dolby Vision, and this feature must be directly supported by the app or game. According to Microsoft, in the latter aspect, there are more than a hundred titles that will provide Dolby Vision, such as the Gears 5 used in the simulation presentation shown above, but the upcoming Halo Infinite will also be an option.

It’s important to note that not all TVs have perfect system recognition yet, so the feature may not activate automatically, but you can turn it on manually at any time in the console’s video mode settings if the monitor can accept this type of format. At a later time, automatic activation may be an option, as Microsoft works with vendors to create new firmware for TVs eliminating the need for users to manually adjust parameters.

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