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Dominic Zubuszlai lost in the Bundesliga, but it was time to beat the elite.

Having become our player with a Hungarian team in the Bundesliga, we will see that the Hungarians have completed the Bundesliga. In the first round there wasn’t much reason for Hungary, but Dominic Zuboszlai was very serious about being able to present himself in one of the best tournaments in the world.

Dominik Szoboszlai entered, then left rgtn with a great trick on the right. At that time his team was on the field, RB Leipzig in the opening round of the 2021-22 Bundesliga season. This has not changed over time. In the 64th minute, Szoboszlai arrived from the one-man leader of Mainz.

He also wanted to train American Jesse Marsh against the target, but this time he made a mistake. Mainz won 1-0. At the meeting many Hungarians could have walked. The m Szalai dmot did not want to train in the frame, so it cannot happen that when the young man from the Hungarian company introduces himself in the Bundeslig, there is a routine team that represents the important caller.

Szoboszlai couldn’t do the locked raised hand, but completed the corners after the substitution.Furres: dpa Picture-Alliance via AFP / Torsten Silz

dm didn’t play at all because, as far as you know, it wouldn’t have a place in the current Mainz. That is, if someone has a place in the Mainz team at any age, it is. Coach Bo Svensson, who put in a great performance with the team in the spring, does not forget that the Hungarian team also needed to stay at an incredible pace. Szalai ranks sixth on the Mainz rk gllvlist, and if he passes eight times, he can hit the skin. If he wins the 22nd match, he will get the most Bundesliga marks among Hungarian footballers in a tie. With 22 games, he beats the current first, the Drdai Plt, by 23. He can meet him at the same time, but the situation in Mainz needs to be settled. Not performance as last year was at stake, but such a bleak world. Within the Mainz framework, three positive cases were recorded at the beginning of the week, which violated the training plan and the list of eligible players. But not so much that the team did not win one of the leagues, Leipzig.

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Of course, Golxi was amputated in the goal, and now he does not understand how Mukele got the ball before the game, just as it does not fit into football.

Watch Golxi enter the gateway in a fully serviced position. Leipzig had the opportunity to make a difference, and from one of them Zubuszlai pulled the ball to Willy Orben’s head, but vd made it past the goal. In the Germany match, there was no big deal. He did not become the best Hungarian football player in the Bundesliga, but he did not have much chance to do so, because Lc is very high.

Imre Szabics scored two goals in his first Bundesliga match. Radsul gy who only exchanged it in the 60th minute. Until then, he was on the bench alongside Philipp Lahm and Alexander Hleb. He was sent to Cocoa, Germany by Felix Magath and Kevin Korney became a chancellor in Stuttgart. The meeting is set not at National11. It came 0-0 and took its first place in the Bundesliga in the quarter. And the second after a minute. Stuttgart won 2-0 with GLJA in Rostock. The meeting was on August 8, 2003, after which not only we Hungarians believed that the Szabics would have a great career, but also the Germans. He was 22 college years old then, a little older than Dominic now. Like the latter, he played in Austria. Sturm Graz Monument. From there he moved on to the Bundesliga, but his brilliant introduction was not one of the earnest plyafuts.

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Lajos Szcs and Kirly Gbor didn’t win (because they couldn’t get) their first Bundesliga match, as they are both goalkeepers. However, in the cheese position, they both performed well in the first game as the Szabics. Szcs 24 against Karlsruhe was killed in front of Kaiserslautern and did not receive any fire. He defended the tournament’s gold medal season with a 3-0 defeat at Leverkusen and a 1-1 defeat at Duisburg. That was all he had to do with the Bundesliga, maybe more. Kerley Ghabbour did not become a German champion, but he could claim a more serious career in the Bundesliga than the Szcs. The gray McNardgus goalkeeper made his debut in the match in September 1997 with Klntl and won with him. For the rest, the regiment did not miss a single league match. Curley played in the fourth biggest match in the Bundesliga, Hungary, Drdai Pl, Szalai dm and Lisztes Krisztin.

Two of our compatriots, who were in turn sensitive to debt, had never practiced such a profession in Germany. Attila Tekle played a total of 23 minutes in the Bundesliga, during which time he helped Kln to a point. Namely, on the occasion of its 1-0 victory over Mainz, his team received 11 fouls against him, of which Beren Schlick took the win. Tibor Dombey made a similar appearance to the Frankfurt team. The match came against Unterhaching and the first ball was called after 11 which was scored by Jan Aage Fjrtoff. The villager from Debrecen has a score of 15 in the German first class, and thus 25 on the Hungarian list of performers.

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Today we don’t know what kind of future Szoboszla will have in one of the strongest leagues in the world, but we can consider it a loss to the first team.

Herta was also eliminated from the opening round. The Berlin team lost 3-1 in Kln, although they played very quietly at the beginning of the meeting and quickly advanced thanks to Jovic. Drdai Mrton played the meeting until the end of the meeting, when Drdai Pl very quietly asked German television after landing:

He made a mistake, Herta started to loseFurres: dpa Picture-Alliance via AFP / Rolf Vennenbernd

“We started with good observation and after the progress we were able to increase the advantage. The team stopped a little after the first round, it is difficult to decide whether he will retreat physically or mentally. And when we got to the hut, we could not play.”

In other words, the Hungarians were ravenous in Germany on Sunday with the result of the opening round. Whoever could, Szalai dm, was not part of the success. The day before, on Saturday, Roland Sly came to Freiburg in the 70th minute of the Bielefeld match, and on the first day of the day he could have been the only one without a meeting. The eighth Hungarian, Novothni Soma, of Jönk Bochum, was injured more easily in one of the (previous) training sessions before the match. His team put in a fair performance at home to Wolfsburg, and Robert Tisch had played almost the entire match in human form due to his fourth-minute kill.