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Donald Trump says Vladimir Putin’s withdrawal is great

Former US President Donald Trump said in a audio notation Regarding the Ukraine-Russia crisis, writes A telex.

Putin declared that he considers two main regions within Ukraine to be independent. By the time I say what smarter. He will enter and become a peacekeeper. The greatest peacekeeping force…we can use it on our southern border as well. […] They will keep the peace there! ” said Donald Trump in the show, who said it was not an invasion but independence from a region. He described the Russian president’s move as an indication of intelligence, brilliant and cunning, although he did not explain why.

Telkes adds that the former US president later dissected the question of why Ukraine was not attacked even when he was president. In this regard, Trump indicated that he knows Putin well, who he believes is a very smart person, and that they love each other. as he said it

He knew the Russian president wanted to get Ukraine because they had talked about it before, but he told him he couldn’t do it.

Trump repeatedly stated in the conversation that had he been in office, of course, the current conflict would not have occurred.

Opening photo: MTI / EPA / Anatoly Malcev

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