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Donald Trump will force the court to allow Twitter to return

On Friday, he filed a petition with Florida federal judge, Donald Trump, asking the court to order Twitter to restore the former president’s account, which was canceled in January.

Twitter permanently suspended Donald Trump’s personal account in January after the fall president’s campaign for a month on January 6, 2021, enthusiastically encouraged his supporters to stop announcing the results of the presidential election – while they were already laying siege to the US legislature building. According to US constitutional rules, the final result of the presidential election will be announced on January 6 of the year following the election in a joint session of both houses of Parliament. By January 6 of this year, Donald Trump, who for weeks had been declaring without evidence of election fraud, announced a rally in front of the White House, urging his supporters to resist. Then they marched to the Capitol and surrounded the Legislative Building.

In addition to Twitter, Trump has also been blocked by Google and Facebook. It was a huge blow to the president, who spent almost his entire day on Twitter, his main communication platform. He was so addicted to Twitter that after getting banned, he also posted a Twitter-like microblog on his website, but since no one in the Sky Realm read it, he deleted it over time.

According to the Guardian Twitter has not yet responded to Trump’s request, and Trump’s representatives have not responded to Reuters’ questions after their business hours.

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