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Don’t worry, Stray is coming out later this year


The gaming community never expected a game, but there were concerns about its appearance.

3/13/2022 09:48 | Gerge | Category: game

Without a doubt, one of the biggest blasts at the PlayStation Future of Gaming show last year was Annapurna Interactive in the care BlueTwelve StudiosMade in stray volts. In cyberpunk, we will be able to control a housewife who is separated from home and has to cross a huge city to find her home.

After the first preview of Stray, millions of fans have already added the game to their wish list, the date of which is not yet known, but until then 2022 was the most likely one. Yes, Sony had two shows at State of Play this year, but Stray didn’t attend either, so more and more fans are starting to worry that the game won’t arrive this year.

Fortunately, those concerns also reached Annapurna Interactive, who reassured gamers in a statement: Stray is slated to launch in 2022 as of now! But they couldn’t reveal anything closer than that, but we’ll likely be hearing about a cat adventure game again soon.

And as for his absence from State of Play, there are, in fact, perfectly logical reasons. The February show was specifically about Gran Turismo 7, without any other games being shared. The second show, which took place a few days ago, focused on games made by Japanese publishers and studios such as Square Enix or Capcom. On the other hand, Stray is the job of a French team, so it didn’t cut into the program’s profile. ■

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