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Don’t worry, Stray is coming to Xbox soon

An Xbox version of the stray cat game appears to be in development, despite it being released as a PlayStation exclusive.

Shortly after the introduction of BlueTwelve, Stray became a bit of a sensation in the gaming world. It took social media and Twitch overnight. The game has already become one of the best selling and best rated games of the year, and we understand why. Although it is also true that not everyone can play Stray after its release. In addition to PC, it was only released for PS4 and PS5, so Xbox and Nintendo Switch users were excluded. It won’t stay that way.

It looks like there will be an Xbox version as well.

Although Stray does not currently have an Xbox version, there is still hope for a release of the game on Microsoft consoles. This is due to the small details that were shown in the trailer for the game. The first trailer for the game, released in 2020, reads, “Console Exclusive for a Limited Time.”

This strongly suggests that Stray is coming to other consoles besides PlayStation. BlueTwelve and publisher Annapurna Interactive seem to have struck a deal with Sony, which is very common these days. The gist of this is that each game will only be available on a Sony console for a while.

When is Stray coming to Xbox?

It is not yet clear how long the PS exclusivity will last. These types of deals usually last about a year, which means Stray could come to Xbox in the middle of 2023.

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Will it be on Game Pass?

We can only speculate on this, but given the game’s huge success, it’s likely Microsoft will definitely try to include it in the show.

Are you waiting for the game on Xbox?

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