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Dóra Szinetár sent a message to Kata Janza with a touchline

Kata Ganza recently turned 50, something that her colleague Dóra Szinetár has not forgotten. The actress, in a post on her Instagram page, praised Kata Ganza, who is celebrating her first birthday, at length. “She’s a queen. Deva. In the best sense of the word. That’s why I had to play his daughter, even though we’re only four years apart. But she could be my mom. She could be a woman. She could be a mom. Maybe even in kindergarten. … I didn’t know him there yet. “Musical theater” is a strange thing. There are roles that simply require a character. It was she. He has him. And just as he was able to be 50 25 years ago, he’ll probably be able to turn 50 at 75 Because he will always be young. She’s an unaware old woman. It doesn’t really matter how old a woman really is,” Dóra Szinetár shared.

He also wrote in his salutation about how many times they stood on stage, in the theater, in front of the audience. “I learned from him that you can talk to the people below the podium in such a way that, while naturally making friends with the audience, you maintain your dignity, or what should I call that weird thing that you have. I have always loved being in the locker room with him because So much fun.Can be a singer on stage without even thinking about it in the dressing room.Funny.Very attentive.All the hair-throwing hysterics are infinitely far from him.Actually!He is an endlessly sweet and true person when and where he is Everyone is busy with himself, and often frustrates those around him. He is not. He watches. Always for everyone. He always has a good word for everyone. It is good to be with him in the same place – they say. “

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Dóra Szinetár noted that she really likes the way Kata Ganza thinks of people. “I know a few people who lack a lot of judgment. I think his kids are also pretty cool because he always looked at them that way, no matter what anyone said about them. And he was right. I love the way people accept. He also sees the good in me.” Anyone. He also sees the good in everyone. Because he really remembers the beautiful. Apparently, that’s why all his past and present celebrate all their birthdays together. Because somehow you can’t help but love him. And you can’t be mad at him either. Because she’s Katuka. Ganza Kato”.

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