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Downloadable content for the Halo Infinite campaign may be ready – but when will it arrive? [VIDEO]

Downloadable content for the Halo Infinite campaign may be ready – but when will it arrive? [VIDEO]

A leak claims that 343 Industries is working on DLC for the Halo Infinite campaign, but unfortunately it looks like we’ll have to wait a while.

The infinite aura His support after the release sparked a huge controversy among fans of the Halo franchise. The game was launched as a 10-year product, so expectations were similar for other similar titles like Fortnite, Apex Legends, and League of Legends. Expectations were not fulfilled for understandable reasons. One particularly exciting area was the DLC campaign to expand the history of Halo Infinite. Although no official announcement has been made yet, a leaker claims to have good news about DLC content for the future Halo Infinite campaign.

YouTuber Sean W recently shared a video claiming that an anonymous source has shared surprising details about DLC for the future Halo Infinite campaign.

Let’s start with the fact that according to the leak, the downloadable content of the campaign is already in progress. However, development may not progress as much as Halo fans or the originally planned 343 had expected.

According to the leak, 343 Industries is working on DLC for the Halo Infinite story, but the decision is surprisingly recent. Although no time frame was given, the leak said there was a period in which 343 suspended work on the story – the DLC. Although this has now changed, it will obviously take a long time to complete the development of this type of add-on.

According to the leak, it’s not likely to arrive before 2025 – but it could be later.

The leaker also shared some details about the DLC for the Halo Infinite campaign. The DLC campaign is said to be as large as what’s currently available in the game, so it counts. The campaign will focus on combating infinity in a world called “Diverse”. A brand leaked at the end of 2021 indicated that 343 was working on something Endless-related, though it’s unclear if the two leaks are related.

It is clearly not possible to know whether Sean W’s information is reliable or not.

This leak could have been completely invented and it may take years for official information to be confirmed. However, at the same time, nothing necessarily arouses suspicion. It’s quite conceivable that he always had a plan to release 343 massive DLC campaigns when he could have released a sequel otherwise.

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Given the state of Halo Infinite, it’s entirely conceivable that the plans for 343 and Xbox will change by 2025. The DLC may be a standalone game or a sequel to Infinite, but it’s also possible that plans could change in a more dramatic way around Halo. It’s hard to guess anything about Halo’s future at the moment, but fans have some hope that 343 is still planning a DLC campaign sometime in the uncertain future…

source: Youtube