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Drdai Pl’s son won the match again with Herthnak- vide

On Friday night, Hertha BSC, led by Drede Bell, defeated Grother Firth 2-1 at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin in the opening round of the fifth round of the German Football Championship. Drsai Mrton, 19, returned to the Berlin team after the race, taking his share of success with a pass.

The Drdai Pl leader greeted Greuther Frth in last place in the opening round of the German Bundesliga.

The Berlin players started the tournament poorly, and suffered a defeat of the vines in the first round of the vines, and recently defeated Junk Bochum by away. At the same time, Greuther Frth played a good game with a defeat of vines, so that he could buy the match from last place, which Drdai Pl had the opportunity to do.

Drdai Pl’s 19-year-old son Merton, who is back in the Berlin squad, missed Hertha’s last game on the vines due to srls.

Drdai Merton is an essential man in the defense of HerthaForrs: dpa Picture-Alliance via AFP / Soeren Stache

At the start of the match, Hertha had more ball, but a really great position was developed in the 16th minute by Drdai Pl. At this point, Suat Serdar started the series in the first round and then, after a successful resolution, turned around to the lower left corner at 16 metres, but the shot went through the gate.

Berlin continued to get the ball, but Drdai Pl didn’t ignite what he said, so Hirth had no goal in the first half.

At the beginning of the second breakdown, Herta got into trouble. In the 57th minute, Dutchman Diovizio Zivwijk beat Jeremy Dodziak from a corner kick, and Frth got a penalty from Branimir Hargota.

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After the catch, Drdai Pl set out for a substitute and recruited Nyron certified Dutchman Jurgen Ekkelenkamp, ​​who made a major contribution to the match. The 21 players scored a ball from Davy Silk at the level, but the German went too far and missed the field. Then came the corner inside Drdai Mrton, where Ekkelenkamp broke into the long side and made an indisputable header on the right side of the gate.

Hirth brought in evenly, who grabbed the lead in the sequel and could have turned the game over in the 77th minute, but after Serdar’s right corner, Seleke secured a superb position with a goal. Two minutes later, the Berlin team took the lead. Marco Richter came up on the left with a good opportunity, but the visitors’ defense managed to clear the ball.

In the hair, Frth mg led on balance, but the Drdai Pl team defended steadily and held the advantage.

With this, Hertha won his second match in the Bundesliga and climbed to ninth place in the table. His legacy is still undefeated in last place.