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Driven: Skoda Fabia 2021

The interior is usually stocked with handy little treats and usually made with pennies, like a pen holder outside the usual parking ticket holder, and a USB C connector built into the interior rearview mirror — if someone encounters an on-flight camera an easy-to-clean cup holder. But there are USB charging points, a simpler phone pocket for the rear passengers, and a phone holder that mounts to the headrest rails in the front seat. In addition, a canopy can be pulled out from the driver’s door, enhancing the comfort of the rear passengers with its own air intake.

Spacious and civil cabin with long seats

Most of the materials used to furnish them look cheap, hard plastic, yet they don’t look unassuming, thanks to covering the plastic with a thin layer of fabric where possible and where not possible, and with the interesting surface texture keeping an eye out for cheapness. The round air vents are very elegant, the door handle is also a good grip, but the door puller is only pleasing to the eye, it is very thin when held, and unfortunately the plastic joints of several pieces did not work flawlessly. It’s a shame because it’s the part of the car that front seat passengers touch every time.

Smarter than ever - Skoda Fabia 5

I’m going to pull the door amazing but it’s bad

Its seats are long enough, it has good lateral support and you can travel comfortably in each row compared to a small car, there is enough legroom, and by 190 cm the row does not narrow uncomfortably, even with a huge glass roof. There’s also a plethora of extras, steering wheel heating, windshield heating, and adjustable color lighting available for the Fabia as well as a 10.25-inch digital dashboard.

Smarter than ever - Skoda Fabia 6

Elegant and beautiful dashboard

Most of the practical charm lies in the 380-liter trunk, which you can long to discover. It has thousands of luggage fixing solutions, from tarpaulins to mesh to the floor, to plastic fenders with velcro bottoms on the floor, everything can be hidden at the bottom of the hat rack, the glass roof can be hidden, the bumper cover can be cast from the depths of the trunk, Or if someone is sitting on the back of the car swinging their feet. Anyone digging deep enough in the back can also access the emergency spare wheel located on the bottom.

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