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Due to a mysterious illness, the omega guitarist is difficult to walk

György Molnár, Omega guitarist, actively composes and prepares for a comeback, but this is hampered by his mysterious illness, making him barely able to walk a hundred meters.

The 71-year-old musician works constantly, writes a book, gets songs and prepares for his comeback, to a potential big omega party and maybe one last – writes Hints.

The Omega family recently lost Laszlo Benco and Tamas Mihaly, and Giorgi Molnar is also tormented with a mysterious disease, and has difficulty walking.

I started my operation in Hell in September, one morning I woke up to be able to barely move. I woke up with great difficulty, and thought it was just a fleeting malaise, a kind of nerve pinch, a temporary pain. I was wrong. The situation has only gotten worse since then. I could barely walk a hundred yards. My spine won’t let me go, let me live normally. They were examined from the front, from the back, but no results were found. Now I will meet a Vietnamese doctor, I hope that my health will be restored, that my disability will end, because this is what I am standing on in this case … The musician whose big dream said he would make it up again, but this is doubtful.

Giorgi MolnarSource: MTI / Balázs Mohai

Many people ask me if we are going to continue. I don’t know the answer. Omega will be sixty years old next year, and so there is in my soul, in our soul, a contestant out there, this memory must somehow be celebrated. But vacation is hardly the right term in our case. Without Laci Benkő and Tomi Mihály, we can only talk about the cut Omega. Maybe there will be, and we can hold a big concert next year, for example in the New Puskás Arena, where our biggest songs can be played, and with the crowd and fans, we will end the most wonderful period of our life crying and laughing …

You have already received both vaccinations

The Kossuth Award-winning musician tries to live a full life despite difficulties and sadness. He is constantly creating, not only in music, now in prose as well.

I’ve already had two coronavirus vaccinations, so I can go, but of course, we spend most of our time at home with my lovely wife and two adorable sons, Fourteen-year-old Sleepy and the other twelve – Old Hajj. Trying to help them with education online is not an easy task. They are both athletes and have won many awards as karate and I am proud of them. They fill my life. Of course, besides the music. I will soon be introducing a song, which we started writing with Lacey Pinko last year, and that will be titled The Other Shore. With this number we also remember Lac Benk. Additionally, my friend Peter Toth and I are writing my book, titled Omega From Behind the Guitar. It will be full of wonderful memories and even more amazing photos. We managed to get an image that would have a huge impact on audiences … The musician said to Blake.

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