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Due to Brexit, you will have to pay for UK packages

As of January 1, the United Kingdom is no longer a member of the EU Customs Union, so postal mail (both for individuals and companies) containing goods is subject to customs duties between Hungary and Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Items from the United Kingdom, including items ordered from web shops, are subject to customs clearance at Magier Posta’s International Mail Exchange, as well as any goods containing goods from outside the EU. These exports are VAT free of charge up to € 22, VAT up to € 150, and VAT and duty are charged based on the value of the item ordered.

If our package is not obtained from a company or web shop, but from an individual, this is a gift, up to 45 euros worth of VAT and no obligation. However, the authenticity of the gift must be attested by a gift statement, which must be included with the package. If the value limit of Euro 45 is exceeded, Euro 150 VAT, VAT and customs duties must be paid during the customs procedure.

Items imported from outside Europe are classified at the Magyar Posta International Postal Center (photo: MTI / Zoltán Mthé)

In addition, the cost of customs procedure as a service is borne by the freight forwarder. If someone orders a package from abroad and has to pay customs duties due to its value, Magyar Posta – if the customer delivers so , Performs customs procedures. In doing so, the post office notifies the customer that its inventory has been placed under customs procedure and indicates what documents are required for the procedure.

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Magdaria Posta’s spokeswoman Iltica Panulin told us. “Generally, the administrative time involved in customs practice is a few days, if the documents are in orderThe spokesman added.

If someone in the UK wants to send a letter or package subject to customs duty, they must also complete the customs notice and attach it to their inventory.

The recorded information will be sent to the Royal Mail in advance by Magier Posta. Customers who use e-mail will notice a number of changes, and it will be mandatory to fill in the data required for a customs clearance, Magier Posta said.

Announcement by Magyar Posta As of last year, nearly a million cargoes had already arrived from Britain and Northern Ireland. For incoming shipments, customers can expect an extended delivery time due to the customs procedure. However, the number of export letters and packages sent to the UK has been steadily declining in recent years.

When asked by, Magdier Posta’s spokesman Ildike Banulin said they did not expect more goods to come from the United Kingdom in the future, but rather less.

Iltica Panulin added.

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