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Due to his injury, the most successful sumo ever could retire

He is expected to retire due to a knee injury Hakuho“The most successful sumo game ever,” MTI wrote.

The 36-year-old Mongolian athlete won 45 iconic championships during his career, but has barely managed to compete in recent years due to knee complaints. Reports in Japanese media on Monday, citing a source close to Hakuho, announced plans for a sumo haven.

Hakuho won the Nagoya Championship unbeaten last July with a 15-0 score after missing six races, but is said to be focusing more on opening his own sumo stable in the future. You will have the opportunity to do so after being granted Japanese citizenship in 2019.

Born in Monkhpeten Davajargal, the rider has racked up 1,187 victories during his career, of which 1,093 were in the top division.

He is the 69th Jokozuna in the sport, and took the position in July 2007, a year after winning his first major championship.

In the early years of his career, he had huge fights with his compatriot, who is also Jokozuna Aszasuryo, and after the latter retired in 2010, he became practically the king of this sport.

In sumo – one of Japan’s national sports – athletes have to fight for their previous ranking in all competitions, and lose their position after a tournament that ends with a negative result for them, so progress is very difficult.

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