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Duel: Csanád Gémesi expects a speedy recovery

In the first round of the singles competition, Csanád Gémesi was injured on Saturday in the Fencing World Cup competition in Budapest, so on Sunday he was supported by his teammates in the team competition.

Csanád Gémesi expects a speedy recovery (Photo: Imre Földi)

We freaked out on Saturday.
I hurt my right ankle in december and I thought it was actually fine, it was basically fine but an unfortunate move caused that injury again – to reply Csanád Gémesi. “Thank God it’s not serious, you can feel the tape holding my ankle, it probably didn’t rip.” I expect a speedy recovery.

What will happen next, will it be investigated?
“Rehab is unlikely to show you everything, so if pain permits, I can strain my ankle. I’ll start physical therapy in a few days – I was on that road in December, and I know what’s next.”

Aren’t you afraid of hurting your ankle?
“Since the beginning of January, my ankle has not had any problems, there has been no sign of another injury, which is why I was so desperate on Saturday. I had a hard time putting myself down.

Supports the team from the side. How do you like boys fencing?
Good so far, it wasn’t easy against Iran in the quarter-finals, a tough and very uncomfortable opponent, but in the end the guys took a confident win.

Even though you’re not a fortune teller, when do you think you can compete again?
I want to start the next race: We don’t know yet if the Seoul race will be at the end of April, if not, I will definitely start the next race, because it will be in Madrid in May, if so, I still plan to be there in South Korea, but I can’t say that one hundred percent right now.

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