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During Putin’s travels, an FSB agent allegedly collects all his poop and urine so that nothing leaks out.

During Russian President Vladimir Putin’s trips abroad, a secret undercover agent collects all the political malice – Paris Match writes. As far as the prestigious French news magazine knows, its purpose is to prevent the host country’s secret services from obtaining information about the president’s illnesses.

Similar concerns are not very common in big politics: French President Macron, who is visiting Putin in February this year, reportedly refused to have him tested for Covid, fearing that the Russians might get his DNA sample.

The French newspaper obtained such information about two specific trips of Putin: when the Russian president visited France in 2017, and when he visited Saudi Arabia in October 2019. In both cases, it was reported that the recovered materials were returned to Russia, packed in a special bag. Storage bags are also made specifically for this special purpose.

Unfortunately, they have no information on whether Putin will do what he wants in the toilet he took with him for this purpose, or whether he will retrieve the refunds from the toilet at his current residence using a shovel, butterfly net, squash, or other means.

A Russian side named Bazza wrote in February that workers around Putin are said to have to give stool samples regularly.

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