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Dutch universities may be a new favorite of Hungarian students rather than the British G7

Britain’s exit from the European Union could seriously damage the popularity of UK universities: With the island nation leaving, foreign students from EU member states will have to pay tuition fees much higher than usual, and their entry terms will change unfavorably.

Until now, EU citizens had to pay similar tuition fees to the British people and were even able to take advantage of the student loan opportunities provided by the state, unlike third-country students who were not covered. However, students who start their studies after July 2021 will come from within or outside the Union, The same They will encounter circumstances like teaching them two or three times or even four times It can also be an annual.

Not only will it be more expensive and harder to take full university courses, but the opportunities to participate in exchange programs will also change. Erasmus mobility scholarships will be available until the end of the 2021/2022 academic year. They can benefit from it Students who are going to or just come from the UK for a semester while they are training may, of course, actually need a visa to travel. However, it is possible that British universities will be excluded from the next seven-year cycle of the Erasmus program, as accession negotiations have yet to begin, and Boris Johnson announced that his government is working on a new scholarship named Alan Turing.

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Students from Europe have traditionally attended British universities Task. The institutions have managed to attract the best students from western countries as well, giving them student distinction and a diverse and open environment. Students are also attracted to some of the best British universities in the world, which are also a form of training in addition to providing high-quality English language training, which is an acceptable course in all disciplines. Across the Atlantic They also serve as staple nutrients.

Thus universities in the United Kingdom and students with European Union citizenship also lose out as a result of Brexit. It is estimated that if tuition fees for students from the European Union were the same as those of other foreign students, UK universities would be able to recruit from the mainland as much as possible. 5784 They might also lose a percentage.

From a professional point of view, this will undoubtedly have a detrimental effect on institutions, but financially, given the higher returns to education, they may perform well, especially in elite universities.

The new situation is not indifferent from the point of view of Hungarian students who are considering further studies as well. Engame Academy which prepares high school students for higher education In his analysis According to the data quoted, after continuous growth in the past two years, the number of Hungarian students applying to a British university has exceeded a thousand annually, making the UK one of the most popular destinations for further education – compared to 91,000 last year during the public employment measures.

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However, there are rarely actually examples intended for students from the Union Territory Scholarship programs It seeks to improve the attractiveness of British universities. Meanwhile, in competition for students, the positions of higher education institutions in other countries may improve. For example, Dutch universities, which are already famous for their high-quality programs in English, which can be accessed on relatively favorable financial terms. All this can be particularly attractive in the CEE region, which is supported by, for example, the Engal Academy in Hungary and IntegralEdu, which also prepares students for studies abroad. Romanian Experience as well.

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