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DVSC: I’m testing our performance so far as a failure – Juják

Balázs Dzsudzsák did not regret his return to Debrecen (Photo: Hajdú-Bihari Diary / Péter Kovács)


After more than 12 years, Balázs Dzsudzsák confirmed a return to Debrecen last September, where he won the championship in NB II the previous season and thus entered the First Division.

It was a long process, but the time I spent away from the city was also long
Balázs told Dzsudzsák about his return. – This is where my career started, I had a very good starting point in my career as I gained confidence as a young annual. Nowadays, this is not typical for Hungarian football. Thanks to this, after 12-13 years of my career abroad, winning major championships, I was able to return home with great pride. With great enthusiasm, I took on the task of bringing Loki back from NBC to NB I, to which I owe everything. I had doubts about when I would go home, but the virus situation was getting worse. Without exaggeration, it was impossible to know where the world is headed, lockdowns are constantly coming, sports and life are disappearing everywhere. So I settled everything with the management and with myself, and this was the right decision. I didn’t regret a minute of my comeback, Tuesday afternoon workouts burned me out as thousands turned out to the Great Forest to greet me. These completely enhance the feeling of being in a really good place in Debrecen.”

Loki changed his coach during the 2020-2021 season: Elmir Kundas was replaced by Gabor Toldi and Zapolex Hosti. After ten rounds in NB I, Debrecen finished tenth.

“I don’t want to compare, we owe a debt of gratitude and gratitude to Elmir Kundas, who has had a huge success with Loki. It was not necessary to introduce Szabolcs Huszti to anyone. A fully credible professional with a foreign background of 12-13 years who played football in the major leagues. You know what European football is, you have a ready idea of ​​what you want to play with us. Everyone knows his homeland, the winning position. Mentally, he has to put in a lot of energy to make this team better. Our performance is choppy, and he can be instrumental in overcoming on it. I work twice as hard in every training session and every game just because of that, since we were roommates before the national team, we have a very good relationship with Szabi. Of course, we can handle this in place during workouts, I’m not in the best position because of this. If he doesn’t like something, he will likewise tell me.”

Szabolcs Huszti relies on Balázs Dzsudzsák in the middle of the field, who has been a winger for years.

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“It’s not much new because I’ve been playing in the middle in Dubai too, albeit a bit, but in the leading role I’m in now. Once Zaabi Hosty arrived, he told me right away that he wasn’t planning with me on the brink. I still had my shortcomings in This post, but I am used to it and constantly pay attention to the game of footballers who play this role at a high level.I feel good in this situation, almost every attack goes through me, I love it when I have the ball, now there is no shortage of it. I have to line up the goalkeeper, so I have a lot of responsibility with this post, but I enjoy every moment and want to spend as much time as possible on the field.”

Judzsák has played in nine league games in the current competition, and has started as a regular. Score a total of two goals. He received a red card in the match against Mole Vervard, so he missed the match against Mizkovic. DVSC has not won its last four NB I matches, it has been defeated by the people of Fehérvár, lost to Kisvárda and Mezőkövesd, and in the last round suffered a 3-0 home defeat by Puskas Academy.

I felt that the show was legitimate in one way, maybe not in another, but that I needed to learn from it. I must control the passion within me, it must appear differently in the field. I got over it, I had no other choice, plus I would have put myself and the team in a worse situation if I kept complaining and maybe even banned for more matches. After that, I was so proud of the boys who tied that match with such a match, unfortunately we rarely see that goalkeeper’s face. We have to solve this, why the goalkeeper was exposed to fire and water against Vidi, and why the performance was much weaker against Mezőkövesd and especially Puskás. The team beat themselves up, and I didn’t feel like a hack. In NB I, every small mistake is punished by the opponent, and we have a crisis because of the mistake that is considered small, I personally test our performance so far as a failure. No excuse, no explanation, no excuse for this meeting. However, I don’t want to say anything offensive, nor anything that would generate a bigger problem later on.”

“I’m very extreme, and to this day I’m very disappointed if I don’t even feel good about working out. It takes me forward, so I’ve achieved what. I’ve always considered myself a winning type of person and that mindset should stick to everyone. If we sit down to play anything now and lose In it, I will die in it. I grew up with Tamás Sándor and Tibor Dombi, coming from a squad with which we won championship titles.”

Cagak betrayed that it was indisputable to leave the Hagdus Club in the summer, but he did not refuse to become a legionnaire again.

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“I’ve never sold a loose cat about it, and I always tell guys too That if anyone is called from outside, he has to go. Not because it’s not good at home, but it’s a completely different way to learn a lot. I promise I would like to have a petitioner from abroad, of course if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be disappointed either. I guess I’ve been anywhere I wanted to be, but I’ll start another adventure anytime.”

The Hungarian football team was also mentioned. Balázs Dzsudzsák made a record 108 times in his coat of arms – similar to Gábor Király. The 34-year-old last played in the national team qualifiers on November 19, 2019, losing 2-0 to Wales against the national team.

“I train every day to give the best possible performance. I’ve said it before, it never even crossed my mind to give up the national team, but the captain decides if he thinks I can help the team or not, that’s right of his heart. I was also the joy, the success, the failure and the tears with the National Guard, having been able to play 108 times so far, only one player can tell me about, Gabor Kiraly. I scored a goal in the European Championship as captain, I can play in Puskas Arena, Wembley, so I have no sense of inferiority.”

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