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Dying Light 2 – Cross-play only arrives later

Cross-play support for video games is slowly becoming the norm today, so we can’t be thankful enough. Fortunately, the development team at Dying Light 2: Stay Human haven’t completely forgotten about cross-platform games, but it looks like the system won’t be rolled out until much later.

In the co-op preview, we’ve already seen what a zombie-chasing team would look like, and we’ve also learned that we can even go through the entire game with four people in attendance. If that’s your plan, you’d better make sure your friends gather on one platform, as cross-play features won’t be available when they come up – we won’t be able to connect to each other even within the console family (like PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 you). Fortunately for PC gamers, it doesn’t matter if they buy Dying Light 2 on Steam or Epic, but it would be an exaggeration to call it cross-play.

As mentioned earlier, Techland won’t let go, cross-platform transitions will be available over time, but that won’t happen on February 4th, when Dying Light 2 is released for PC, Xbox One, Xbox For Series X/S and PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. A cloud version of the Switch will also arrive, but its release was delayed the other day.

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