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Dying Light received a free next-generation update

Dying Light 2 was released just a month ago, but the Techland team also won’t forget their latest previous zombie game. The Polish development team has surprised those who will roll the first part on PlayStation 5 with a free upgrade, and Xbox Series console owners will soon receive similar treatment.

The next generation update unlocks a variety of graphics modes for players on PlayStation 5, as well as a 25 percent wider view. In performance mode, you can enjoy 60fps in 1080p, while selecting the HD option will run the game at 4K 30fps. An intermediate solution is also available: with the Balanced option, the game targets 60 frames per second at a resolution of 1440p. Even PS4 Pro players of the previous generation will get an update, but here the 30fps image refresh will become much smoother.

On Xbox Series X, we can expect solutions similar to PS5. Meanwhile, the Xbox Series S and Xbox One will have a performance mode at 1080p, 30fps, and a 1440p target at 30fps. Check out Techland for more details on updates Share your blog!

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