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[E3 2021] Monster Hunter Stories 2 will soon receive a free trial on PC and Switch

Tonight, Capcom also disrupted its performance at E3, which…well, frankly…was nothing exciting. As expected, two Monster Hunter video games were mentioned, and the most interesting news was that Monster Stories 2: Wings of Ruin will get a free trial on both PC and Nintendo Switch.

Monster Stories is a JRPG side game of the monster harassing series, which features a turn-based combat system, and creatures (referred to here as “Monstie”) can be tamed but can be tamed. The protagonist of Wings of Ruin, a young man, adventures on the side of the newly hatched Rathalos (those red and dragon monsters), and believes that his poor animal will lead him to the end of the world because of his black color. wings. The game will be released on July 9 on Steam and Switch, but it has now been revealed that a beta version will be available as early as June 25, with backups that can be carried over to the full game. And on July 15, the first free update will arrive, making Monster Hunter Rise’s Back Dog (?), Palamute, a Monstie in the Wings of Ruin.

For Rise released in March, we’ll get a special shield in this if we have a backup of Monster Stories 2. Plus, a bunch of updates will arrive over the summer: 3.1 on June 24, 3.2 in July, and 3.3 in August . They are all explained in the following readme:

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