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Each zodiac sign gets advice from the great master of karma!

A.msleepMaturity is when you have enough power to destroy everyone who does it against you, but you take a deep breath and carry on. The rest is done by karma. Don’t leave our complaints to ourselves. This is difficult and unnecessary. In the end, life itself will punish the people who hurt you. He who sows reaps! Therefore, our task is to move forward, and karma, as they say, will do its work …


When a bird lives, it eats insects. When a bird dies, it is eaten by insects. Time and circumstances may change for any of us at any time. Therefore, do not treat anyone badly or hurt anyone. We can be very strong today. But remember that time is much stronger. A million matches can be made of wood. However, one match can burn a million trees. So be good and do good!

to the bull

Whoever claims revenge is sweet has never tasted really sweet things in his life. Nor sweet karma just very fair.

for twins

The vine bus is sometimes late. This is due to the high demand for it. But do not worry. Sooner or later it will come.

for cancer

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If you want to find happiness, stop taking revenge. If you do not think about the misfortunes of your enemies, then you will have a lot of time and energy to work for your happiness.