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Eb 2020: Ronaldo proud despite his early farewell

Cristiano Ronaldo, captain of the Portuguese national team’s Ballon d’Or five times, is proud of his team despite bidding farewell to the European Championship in the eighth final as the defending champion.

Cristiano Ronaldo is proud of the team (Photo: AFP)

Portugal fell 1-0 in Seville on Sunday against the world’s leading Belgians. Ronaldo congratulated the winners from the community on Monday and, like them, wished the additional teams remaining in the race good luck.

“As far as us, we will come back stronger. We didn’t get the result we wanted, and we were out of the race sooner than expected. However, we can be proud that we did everything we could to defend our title. The team showed that it would bring a lot of fun to Portugal.” . He said.

Portugal started the European Championship with a 3-0 victory over the Hungarians co-organised, then lost to the Germans 4-2 in Munich, and then – again in Budapest – played a 2-2 draw with the French world champion.

Ronaldo finished the European Championship with five goals and is currently the top scorer of the tournament. The Portuguese star was still tied with a goal in the Champions League by scoring nine goals for Frenchman Michel Platini before the start, but with five strikes this year, he has improved the record significantly. In addition, Ronaldo has already scored 109 goals in the national team, catching up with Iranian Ali Daei, the world record holder so far.