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Eckel: Fehrvar – Petrocop Hencisti – NSO

In the first match of the third round of qualifying for the European Conference Championship, Moll Vervar will try to gain as much advantage as possible against his opponent from Moldova in the second leg. Stay with us, follow our live broadcast minute by minute, share your opinion and comment on the events!

Pal Darday jumped the ball and hit the empty net (Photo: Attila Turok)

University of European Conferences, Qualification
Third round, first match
Mall Vervar FC – Petrocop Hencisti (Moldova) 3-0 (3-0) – Live on NSO!

sexifervar, MOL Arena Salt Lake. conducted by: Vilhjalmur Thorarinsson (Icelandic).
Mall Wehrvere Club: Kovács D. – Fiola, Stopira, Sabanov – Nego, Pinto, Bumba, Hangya, Dárdai P. (Bamgboye, during the break), Petrjak – Kodro (Zivzivadze, during the break). Coach: Michael Boris.
Petrocop Henstey: Avram – Jardan, Mudrac, Platica – Revenco, Cotogoi, Poirniche, Iosioi, Bejan (Lupan, 30) – Cojocaru, Ambros. Coach: Ivan Tabanov.
scorer: Dárdai (20), Kodro (23 – from 11), Stopira (35)

minute by minute

the other half

57th minute: Bamgbwe Pick up the ball near the right corner of the square and then try to curve the ball into the long corner. He must not have been very wrong.

55th minute: Sabanov Pick up a silly yolk at the center line.

55th minute: free kick Bomba He hit it and the ball went over him by a meter or so.

54th minute: Bamgboyét Demolition of 22 meters from the goal of Petrokop, free kick.

Minute 49: If Fehérvár qualifies, they can continue to face German team 1. FC Köln…

minute 46: During the break, Fehérvár also changed players. kudro instead of Zvzivadze, Darday instead of Bamjboy game.

46th minute: The second half has begun.

first half

45 + 3. Minute: End of the first half, Hervar is definitely in the lead. 3-0

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45 + 2. Moment: Another yellow Kotogoi bad slip Pinto hurt him.

45 + 1. Minute: Bento great ball Nego Advancing in front of the Moldovan inside the penalty area, the Hungarian national team player could have shot, he passed instead, so the defenders released him.

45th minute: Two minutes of extra time.

40th minute: Jordan He mistook Hangya on his baseline and received a yellow card for it.

38th minute: I beg you They fought for a free kick from near the touchline, which Bomba He was bent in front of the gate, definitely not far behind to stop And the Kudrow.

35th minute: GOOOOO! There is a third! Dárdai fought for a corner, which he completed himself from the right side. Arrived at a great pace walking long distances , Who headed the ball from a distance of 5 meters and bounced from the ground to the upper right corner. 3-0

30 minutes: Replaced by Petrocub, Enter instead of Luban On the road.

28th minute: Ambrose Try again, this time already hitting the surface of the gate, Daniel Kovacs Where does the ball come from?

Twenty-fifth minute: Petrokop took a free kick 26 meters from Fede’s goal and Ambrose His downward ball surely didn’t get far past him.

Twenty-third minute: Jowal! penalty kick kudro He completed it, and although Avram felt the ball was going down the right, he shot it, and it ended up being a goal. 2-0

Twenty-second minute: That’s eleven! For a bad back pass kudro subtracted lbrahim Goalkeeper hit, clear case.

20th minute: GOOOOO! Fairfire is driving! Nego fell into the penalty area, the referee did not blow the whistle for this very suspicious move, but the guests could not free him, Hangya carried him, played from left to center, elm His shot from the goalkeeper who fought with Kudrow landed on the ball in the meantime elm He turned and shot from a distance of 4 meters into the empty net. 1-0

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18th minute: Huge goal! Petrocop launched a swift counterattack, Ambrose He drove the ball up, and then, since no one attacked him, from a distance of 16 metres, from the left, he brilliantly made towards the left side of the goal, and although Kovac was already hit, the ball bounced back from the inner edge of the ball. leave after…

17th minute: Nothing came from the corner.

16th minute: Bento After his pass, the visiting team’s defenders were a bit confused and eventually cleared for a corner kick.

Thirteenth minute: Ant He went well on the left side, the pass to the middle was completed, Fehrvar had nothing to do with the rebound.

12 minutes: Petrokop got a free kick 30 meters from the Hungarian goal, but Ambros hit the ball high over the goal.

Tenth minute: Nego Fight for the ball and then roll it back for his arrows, Who shot next to him from a distance of 14 metres.

The ninth minute: Al Dardaei Win the ball, lunge forward and play to the left petrigacprominent on the right Kodrot He was looking for her, but his receipt was wrong.

Fourth minute: Ambrose His weak shot was good enough for Petrokop to win with a corner kick. The corner was taken by the defenders Enter Very superior from a distance.

Fourth minute: After losing the ball to Wehrvar, the visitors would cling to it Smith towards the gate Sabanov However, it saved them with a beautiful install.

Fourth minute: Petrocub occupied the front of the penalty area and awaited Fehérvár’s attacks.

1st minute: The match started, Hervar plays in a red and blue shirt and blue shorts, and Petrokop plays in pure white.


Michael BorisThe head coach of Mall Fahrvar said the following:

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“We saw the last Petrocub winner, as well as the weekend match, which, like us, lost 2-0. A compact team that relies on the three-back system, retracts deeply to defend, and relies mostly on counter-attacks. After the tournament against the Bucks, we talked about what we should have done differently, there is open communication within the team, we listen to everyone’s point of view. In addition, we constantly monitor the physical and mental state of the players, and everyone on the team has agreed that we rotate the team. We try to prioritize the positive, while not ignoring the problems. Against Buck, our defense didn’t work well, our balls in the penalty area were aimless, we didn’t get to them in time, there were more kicks on the wings than playing in the middle. I don’t know yet if we will line up with one or two strikers against Petrokop, it will surely be a tough match.”

as it’s known, Adrian Ross Fehérvár left this week. Boris said in this regard that they are trying to replace him, But they should not only confirm the presence of a central defender, as the bench is currently very short. At the request of NSO Tv Budu Zivzivadze visited Also, the coach can be seen doing his job with a smile, he is with the team, a good atmosphere reigns around him.

Alexey SavinovAccording to Petrocub coach Mol Fehérvár has a serious offensive game, they have very good attackers, but they also have a plan for the match. Some of their players have health issues, and tomorrow will know who will be available. After all four went through Ekl qualifiers, they had to switch guard over the weekend.