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Eckel: We can have a surprise, that’s what we’re preparing for – Michael Oning

FC Basel spent more time analyzing than last week and standing at their best against Úpest FC, whose coach Michael Oning said they came to Switzerland to win.

Újpest FC prepares for a surprise in Basel (Photo: László Borsos)


A delegation from Úpest landed at Basel Airport shortly before 11 am and then took up residence away from the city centre. In the squad, everything is subject to the players preparing for the match again in peace of mind as possible. This, of course, is not surprising in light of the fact that Michael Oning, who led the team as head coach, admitted after his last champion against VSC in Debrecen (2-2) that the footballers were tired, although they wanted to qualify for the International Cup. (Note here that at the DVSC stadium, Úpest played practically without attackers, as Giorgi Beridze, Talo, Fernando Viana and Zoltan Stiber could not play due to injury, and the purple-white football was played at a disadvantage for 85 minutes due to the exhibition Abdallah Diaby. – editor).

It is crucial that Úpest can keep up with the pace of its Swiss opponent, because perhaps weak Basel will receive it in front of its fanatical audience. Although in the official press conference before the rematch, our paper asked the coach how strong his team is, the German specialist said succinctly: Ok.

“Internationally it is normal for teams to analyze each other’s matches, Basel is definitely preparing for us, so I think it will be difficult to repeat the pace we dictated in the first part of the match at Megyeri út, but we will strive for that on Thursday as well. He said Michael Oening At the press conference, in which Nemzeti Sport represented only the Hungarian press. – He tells us that we can play in such a beautiful stadium, in a historical place. We will do everything we can to get to the next round, so there is the potential for an exciting match. We traveled here to win the match, but it doesn’t promise to be an easy task. What we showed in the first half of the first game should be on Thursday as well. The showdown in Budapest highlighted that anything can happen, we can have a surprise, and we are preparing for it now.”

That’s it patrick frame It can be deduced from the words of the coach of FC Basel, his team is ready for the Hungarian Cup winner and he is striving for it with the strongest possible team.

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valentin stoker, Basel Team Captain:
“The first half of the match in Budapest was the most difficult of the season so far, there was a big battle on the pitch, but we sorted out the mistakes and were able to come home with a victory. I have good memories of the fights against the Hungarian Cup teams, but it means more than that that I I paid for the Hungarian national team in two thousand and sixteen – to the great sadness of my coach at the time, Pal Darday. We want to serve our fans on Thursday evening, what would our goal be other than to leave the field victorious. I feel the company is in good shape, we are more confident, and I am optimistic about the rematch. “.

“I don’t take turns because we can’t stand it, and that’s our best play – said the 52-year-old professional Swiss manager, then answered our paper question and revealed what he considers the strength of Úpest. – I highlight his attacking style, which is dynamic and strong, the players at the front are capable of unexpected solutions. Now we are better prepared than the Hungarians than we were a week ago, and we want to perform a similar performance as in Budapest in the second half. To do this, we must estimate the ball and not leave space for the opponent to unfold. We are happy to be able to enter the field in front of our fans, and try to make them happy. Last season, the club did not win the European Cup, so everyone had a feeling of inferiority, but fortunately, the team has come together now, and it is doing well. The Europa Conference League is very important, in this series all players can develop and learn a lot, that’s why we continue to work with the same attitude as before, we want to make progress! “

The best of the team can play one of the last matches in Switzerland

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Basel’s daily Basler Zeitung has dedicated a permanent column “From red to blue” to the city’s premier football club. Columns from a newspaper founded in 1977 show that the injury to Edon Zigrova, the right-hand midfielder who was substituted in Sunday’s tournament at home to Servet (5-1), appears serious and thus was ruled out of the frame against Újpest. The team’s top scorer, Arthur Cabral, is almost certain to be on the pitch, but the Brazil forward, who has scored eight goals in six games this season, is sure to get his first official showing soon. According to the portal, Basel employees expect at least 10-12 million Swiss francs from the sale, a very good sum, as the newspaper said there was a deficit of 28 million in the club’s budget last season. Of course, if he sells his best, he will have to compensate, according to reports, his place could come to Yorgos Yakomakis, Greek warrior Venlo from Holland, for which his club will be replaced by five million euros.

The Hungarian team has yet to win in St. In Jacob Park

Not many of the glories of the Hungarian Cup teams were produced at the original venue for Thursday night’s match (the old stadium was demolished in 1998). Dózsa of Újpest played for the first time in 1972 at St. Jacob’s Stadium in Basel, but Ferenc Penny’s double wasn’t enough to win Lilac, they trailed 3-2 in BEK’s match against Basel. (But they have since won 2-0 at Megyeri t, so they have advanced on a 4–3-ed aggregate.) In 1975, Ferencvaros’ trip to the Swiss circuit led him to compete with Soviet Dynamo Kiev for the KEK Cup, defeating his opponent 3-0 in the final. Then Debrecen appeared here in 2010, in a rematch of the third qualifying round of BL, but similar to the first season, he was defeated in the second (3-1). In 2012, the people of Vervares, then called Videoton, met the Swiss team away in the Europa League group stage, losing 1-0 to the goal they scored.

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to the European Conference
Qualifier, Round 3, Reverse

19.30: FC Basel (Switzerland) – Újpest FC (television: M4 Sport) – Live on a UFO!
In the first match: 2-1