The British government has announced property freezes and travel restrictions against seven Russian oligarchs.

As part of its response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich has been cleared by the UK government. BBC.

He is a billionaire close to Vladimir Putin and one of the seven oligarchy groups banned. Victims’ property has been frozen and a travel ban has been imposed on them. The list also includes billionaires Igor Chechin and Oleg Deribaska, who are considered Putin’s allies.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: “We will relentlessly prosecute those responsible for the killing of civilians, the demolition of hospitals and the occupation of independent countries.”

According to the British government, Abramovich has a net worth of £ 9.4 billion and was one of the few oligarchy groups to have risen to prominence under Putin in the 1990s.

Abramovich announced last week Changes control of Chelsea The foundation of the team, respectively He wants to sell the club: The oligarchy wants to get 3 3 billion or nearly 4 1,400 billion for it.

Bye, bye Londongrad – that’s how he punishes Putin’s oligarchy in the West

Western oligarchs continue to take disciplinary action against Russian oligarchs who have benefited immensely from Vladimir Putin’s two decades of rule or have been actively involved in concealing the wealth of the Russian head of state.

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Roman Abramovic donates Chelsea FC to a Foundation


English football club Chelsea FC made a statement on its website on Saturday night on behalf of its owner Roman Abramovich. The Russian oligarchy acquired the team in 2003, now relinquishing control of the club’s base.

Roman Abramovich sells Chelsea


He is asking for billions of pounds for the club in the BL title.