Minister Antal Rogan’s decree on the text of the statement must be submitted by creditors in order to remain in the moratorium until December 31 after July 31 – writes.

The government decided last week to extend the interest rate moratorium and postpone loan repayments until December 31. Mortgage borrowers do not have to do anything to continue using the interest rate cut-off. However, those who remain in the redemption moratorium must file a separate statement for the extension. The moratorium on payments, which was originally in effect until the end of June, was automatically extended by the government until July 31. Until that date, anyone who was inside it on July 17th can stay in it. However, anyone who wants to take advantage of this option from August 1 through December 31 must apply to their creditor by July 31. The term loser, which has not yet done so, can no longer replace it – warns

The Minister in charge of the Prime Minister’s Office has now specified in a decree how banks should be informed of this for the individual and corporate clients involved. On this basis, moratorium debtors will receive a letter from their creditor with the following text:

Dear customer!

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We would like to inform you that the Government of Hungary has extended the credit moratorium until December 31, 2022. The terms of use of the credit moratorium have been changed so that if you are currently using a credit freeze (as of June 2022), you must declare by July 31, 2022 that you intend to continue using it (as of August 1 2022). You can do this in person at our bank branch or online. We will provide you with detailed information on the terms and conditions of advertising on our website.

The decree issued by Minister Antal Rogan also specified the text of this statement:

“Law CVII of 2020 on Transitional Measures to Stabilize the Status of Certain Priority Social Groups and Institutions in Financial Difficulties. 216/2022 on the Different Application of Law (VI. 17.) Governmental Decree. [a továbbiakban: 216/2022. (VI. 17.) Korm. rendelet] Under the signatories below

1. In the case of a consumer debtor


Birth name and first name:

Place and date of birth:

Mother’s birth name and first name:

E-mail address:

Telephone number:

2. In the case of a commercial debtor

Full trade name:

The main center:

Tax Number:

Company registration number:

mailing address:

Represents (noun, position):


Contact phone number:

Surname and First Name of Sole Proprietor, Primary Agricultural Producer, Family Farmer:

Birth name and first name:


mailing address:

Mother’s birth name and first name:

Place and date of birth:

Tax Number / Tax ID:

Registration number:

Telephone number:

(hereinafter referred to as the company) as the authorized representative of the company

Conscious of my criminal responsibility, I hereby declare Law No. CXXX of 2021 on Certain Regulatory Matters relating to the State of Emergency. Postponement of payment in accordance with Section 17(a) of the Act prior to the date of entry into force of this Decree

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(Please mark the option that applies to you with an X)

  • You have used it (in the case of a consumer debtor);
  • used by the company I represent (in the case of a debtor that qualifies as a business);

I am therefore requesting that the moratorium on principal, interest and fees arising from the contract(s) be maintained effective August 1, 2022.

I acknowledge that this statement complies with 216/2022. (vi. 17.) It may not be amended after the specified deadline, and in this respect only the suspension of payment may be waived.”


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