Whiskey is particularly bad, but others cannot take pride in the industry, where it fell by 75.5 percent in a single year, according to The Guardian’s latest figures.

Exports of British whiskey to the continent fell from $ 105 million to $ 40 million. British cheese exports fell from $ 45 million to $ 7 million. Chocolate exports were $ 43 million last January, up from just $ 13 million this year.

The reason is twofold: on the one hand, the Brexit effect, which does not allow British goods to enter the EU market unhindered. Another is the viral crisis. He writes that restaurants and hotels that used to be big consumers are closed almost everywhere Defender.

This is especially dangerous for salmon and beef exports, which have been halted: fish exports from Britain to the EU have fallen by 79 per cent a year.

Overall, exports of British goods to the EU have fallen by 40 per cent since January last year, according to the Bureau of Statistics in London. In comparison, food and drink were worse: the decline here was 75.5 percent in a single year, or in other words: it was $ 1 billion in 2020 and $ 256 million in January this year.

At the same time, Boris Johnson’s government welcomed the move with the famous British cold: “The fall in EU exports is inevitable, as the viral crisis has accumulated domestic goods, which is good for British businesses,” a government spokesman commented on the data.

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