An electrical malfunction has been detected in the type.

its just Half a year laterThat the Boeing 737 MAX 8 has been declared airworthy again by the US Civil Aviation Authority, and the aircraft type has been re-ordered from the sky and is being tested, Euronews.

According to the article, hundreds of aircraft from 24 airlines will be affected by this measure, and the aviation authority said that the current problem is caused by a fault in the grounding of the control board, and that the resulting short circuit may make it impossible to drive the aircraft safely. .

The Boeing 737 MAXs were previously withdrawn from service by the U.S. Aviation Authority for 20 months due to the 2018 and 2019 air disasters with the model.

According to the White House, the 737 MAX tragedies It led to three factors: Inadequate design work by engineers, insufficient view of Boeing Management and unprofessional inspection by licensing authority.

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The European Union also re-authorized the take-off of the Boeing 737 MAX


While Boeing reported the largest annual loss in its history, nearly $ 12 billion, the European Union’s Aviation Safety Agency reclassified the 737 MAX as safe after 22 months.

There was another problem with the Boeing 737 Max


It’s the kind of machine that has been controlling the ground for many months before.