Bloomberg, who has assessed the impact of the first 100 days, says Britain’s successful vaccination campaign, Brussels’ troubles in this area put Britain’s exit from the European Union in favor of a growing segment of the public.

Confirmed 100 Days Since Brexit Supporters of Brexit: Nearly two-thirds of the adult population believe that the successful vaccination campaign is largely due to the fact that London has not had to wait for Brussels to buy vaccines, a finding that was reflected in Bloomberg New survey. Accordingly, 67% of respondents believed that the European Union was hostile to Britain with regard to vaccines, as well as in the trade disputes that began immediately after the withdrawal. Only 13% responded that the European Union acted “as a good ally and friend” during these conflicts.

A middle-aged woman interviewed described the relationship between the EU and the UK as their angry divorced partners. The son of an Italian immigrant voted against exit in 2016, but is now happy to live in Britain, where 39 million vaccines have already been given, while in his ancestral land, Italy, only 13 million.

Britain decided last year not to participate in the European Union’s vaccine purchase program, but to negotiate directly with pharmaceutical companies. As a result, he got loads of vaccines faster than Brussels.

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However, the son of Italian immigrants will vote against Brexit again, but the majority of British citizens disagree with him. Nearly a fifth of those who voted against Brexit in 2016 favor Brexit. For now, the British will vote 54 to 46 to take off, while in 2016 the result was tighter: 52-48.

Commercial disputes are “children’s diseases”. This is what Prime Minister Boris Johnson said about the situation at the customs borders of the European Union. British citizens believe these are long-standing problems.

62% of respondents believe that trade relations with the European Union have deteriorated, and only 8% say they have improved. As for trade with other countries, public opinion is quite divided there: 32% say Brexit has improved, 30% say it hasn’t, and 38% don’t know.

The truth is that trade has been pushed into the background by the epidemic and the accompanying economic crisis, he writes Bloomberg. This may be true for the UK in general, but not in Northern Ireland, as riots broke out there as customs borders raised the entire Irish issue again. Protestants and Catholics view the situation differently, but both groups agree that the supply of goods has deteriorated due to Brexit.

And it’s not just a problem in Northern Ireland: Merchants in Brixton are also complaining. According to one of them, “the exit was a big mistake, because Britain is located in the same geographical area as the European Union.”

Finance Minister Rishi Sunak is proud to provide £ 407 billion in government aid to British entrepreneurs to tackle the worst economic crisis in 300 years. But he wants to cover it with a record tax increase.

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What will the future come?

The British are already tired of Brexit and are more interested in what happens next. While Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party has consistently emphasized the benefits of the resignation, the opposition – Labor and Liberals – are not in favor of returning Britain to the European Union if they come to power.

The real big debate is now taking place within the ruling party about the role the state should play in the economy and in the life of society in general. The epidemic and the economic crisis have greatly increased the role of the state. Conservative pragmatists defend this, but classical liberal representatives, who argue that the role of the state in Britain is too great.

Therefore, “there is a risk that the British Conservative Party will even split in two,” he said. BloombergSteve Baker, once Britain’s Brexit Minister in London.

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