Boris Johnson has announced several austerity measures, with masks becoming mandatory in most closed community institutions from Friday.

Is there a return to “normality” due to vaccinations? How threatening are the various mutations in the virus? Should we fear another wave of epidemics? In our series, you will find everything you need to know about the coronavirus pandemic.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Wednesday that the British government is asking anyone who can do so to work from home starting next week.

Johnson stressed at a news conference Wednesday evening in Downing Street that the guideline was justified by the emergence of a recently identified version of the coronavirus.

The government’s goal is to slow the spread of omicrons while studying the variant, as well as to allow as many people as possible to receive a third dose of the coronavirus booster as a booster and booster.

Boris Johnson also announced that masks will be mandatory from Friday in most closed community institutions, including theaters and cinemas.

In addition, a vaccination certificate will be required at nightclubs and events that attract large crowds.

a BBC It reported that the omicron variant would be responsible for at least 50 per cent of coronavirus infections within 2-4 weeks, according to an analysis by the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA).

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