Boris Johnson may take Britain out of the European Union, but in the meantime, Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon will do everything in her power to get the Scots to decide on independence in a new referendum.

Sturgeon’s ideas were confirmed by a recent poll that shocked Britain’s political class. Fifty-one per cent of those surveyed voted for an independent Scotland. This, of course, is still within the margin of statistical error, but in London they might be wondering: What if the Scots could vote for independence again?

The British prime minister is no longer enthusiastic about the idea of ​​a Scottish prime minister, but the current poll, which for the first time showed a majority in favor of independence, eventually led him to ask the Scots of late what they really want. .

Nicola Sturgeon, on the other hand, notes that when the Scots voted for independence, there was no mention of Brexit. Now, with Britain withdrawing, Scots may feel to their skin that they might miss out on serious EU subsidies. Scotland has benefited greatly from EU membership, so they have absolutely no confidence that Trump’s offers will make up for the US Free Trade Agreement. In Scotland, it is believed that London and the developed regions would benefit from the American relationship, while those left behind would be more disadvantaged.

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What does Scottish independence mean?

No one can realistically assess the economic consequences of Brexit, just as no one can predict the consequences of Scottish independence. Scots themselves think this would be more disadvantaged: 42 percent say they would be worse off financially with independence, while 35 percent say it would be better. Of course, it is thought-provoking that the majority would vote for Scottish independence despite the foreseeable flaws.

When can there be a referendum?

Sturgeon wants the referendum to take place later this year, when Britain is still leaving the European Union. There are clearly accounts behind this that would make it easier for Scotland to remain in the EU while leaving the UK.

After she leaves, Scotland will have to re-apply, which is a lengthy process. Prime Minister Boris Johnson is doing everything he can to ensure that there is no independence referendum in Scotland this year. It has a comfortable parliamentary majority in London, but in Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon is the Scottish National Party.

The Scottish Parliament has called on Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government to agree on a date for an independence referendum.

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