They are also trying to promote vaccination.

Is there a return to “normality” due to vaccinations? Absolutely: What is the “new” normal? we travel? Are we on vacation? Polynic? Are we going to the theater and concert? How threatening are the various mutations in the virus? Should we be afraid of the fourth or fifth wave, or several waves? In our article series, you will find everything you need to know about the coronavirus pandemic.

You have to pay for the Covid test from October – this is what the leaders decided in Germany, where the vaccination process has slowed down so much, and which they also want to speed up in this way. Anyone who has been vaccinated or has fallen ill with the coronavirus can move freely in Germany – so decided the Council of Regional Prime Ministers, headed by Chancellor Angela Merkel.

“We need to protect everyone, so we will end free testing,” Chancellor Merkel said after the decision, noting that more and more infections are being recorded in Germany that affect unvaccinated citizens who could be carriers of the virus.

Free vaccination instead of free testing

Chancellor Merkel said we want the vaccination rate to be above 70% and close to 80%. He added that we now have a free vaccine for all German citizens, so we will end the free testing from October.

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Anyone who does not have a safety certificate must submit a new test result when they go to the hospital or visit a nursing home. They may also be required to obtain new test results at sporting or cultural events where saturation is greater than 35%.

The fourth wave is coming – which is why Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder justified the emphasis. He stressed that vaccination cannot be mandatory, but that those who do not take it cannot expect to be tested for free on taxpayers’ money.

Berlin Mayor Michael Müller highlighted that vaccinations have saved many lives. Currently, he added, the goal is not to escalate restrictive measures, but rather to speed up the vaccination campaign.

What is the situation in Germany now? 55% of people, or more than 46 million German citizens, have received both vaccinations, and 3.7 million have contracted Covid. German wave.

Experts at the Robert Koch Institute note that the deltavirus variant is becoming more contagious than before: 23.5% of every 100,000 people are currently infected, while this figure has been less than 5% in Germany for months.