Eurostat calculates the average number of years of healthy life for newly born children, and for Hungarians the value is less than the retirement age.

Eurostat publishes statistics on the number of years of expected health. Accordingly, a Hungarian boy born in 2020 can spend 61.6 years in good health (life expectancy at birth is 72.3 years according to previous data), and a girl born at the same time can expect to live 63.5 years at birth. Average life expectancy is 79 years.

There are two countries in the European Union where an average of over 70 years of health can be expected: 72.8 for boys and 72.7 for girls in Sweden and 70.2 and 70.7 in Malta. Hungarian data are in the EU middle field, the thirteenth longest time spent in the case of girls and the fifteenth time spent in the case of boys.

At the end of the list, you can see outliers: a Latvian boy who has just given birth, for example, can only expect a healthy 52.6 years – Eurostat also notes that there may be systematic reasons behind this particularly bad number – and even, the most Surprisingly, the data for Austria, too, is still just under 60 for both sexes.


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