The foundation of this project, which is also popular in Hungary, has been laid in the United Kingdom.

Although Boris Johnson was optimistic that there would be no problems with the Erasmus program, which would allow students to study abroad in January, it now appears that British students are failing because of Brexit: The Guardian. According to the news Johnson leaves the program and starts his own.

Not much is known yet about the details of this project named after Alan Turing, but it is certain that adventure students will be able to travel not only to other countries in Europe but also to other parts of the world.

Adam Dickel, deputy rector of the University of Sussex, said the country was saddened to be leaving the program because it had recently laid the foundation for a whole program that would completely change the lives of thousands of students (including Hungarians). Years.

The Brexit agreement lasted four and a half years, consisted of two prime ministers, and came together only on December 24. Agreement Click here for details.