Restaurant terraces can be opened within days; The government announced what it will spend nearly 6 billion forints from the European Recovery Fund; Unused ventilators are stored for ninety million a month. This is the weekly economic summary for

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As soon as 3.5 million people receive the first vaccination, restaurant terraces can be opened – Viktor Orban announced, and a day later a government decree was issued. And as we go forward, we’ll reach that number sometime in the middle of next week. On terraces and garden areas, guests don’t have to wear a mask, the way the staff do. There is no question about the security certificate yet. The prime minister also announced that the balcony fee would be abolished. One day with Hungary, it was also announced that the balcony would open in Switzerland, although there were only 6 victims of the Coronavirus the day before the decision.

Cash-strapped restaurants have long waited to open, but it won’t be easy to open them either. The big question right away is how to return to the precarious period in the meantime a safe job found in the corporate workforce. It is also uncertain what will happen to those who are not vaccinated.

When the promised schools opened on April 19, the government took a step back, only 1-4. Semester attendance resumes in the semester. The figures related to the epidemic can be described as they were a week ago: The slow decline in the number of injuries in the hospital and the ventilator, indicates that the situation is very bad, but it did not worsen at the time of the hour. At least some of the time. However, the number of deaths per population is one of the worst for us, and since the beginning of the epidemic, only the Czechs are worse off than us.

Unexpectedly, the company of Lőrinc Mészáros’ children was one of the little losers of the week: at the central renovation of the Zánka Children’s Camp, all employees were separated from the project manager through the construction managers. So the project is two weeks behind schedule.

The government has released the 430-page draft, which must be submitted by April 30, for Hungary to receive 5797 billion HUF from the European Recovery Fund. The largest item in the plan is the 878 billion forints that will be earmarked for developing universities and colleges, and the second largest portion, 793 billion, will be earmarked for transport development in the Budapest conglomerate. One of the most important parts of the latter is the HÉV exchange, but it has also been revealed from the plan that the increase in doctors’ salaries and the construction of the South Buda Central Hospital will also be paid out of European Union money.

The Association of Hungarian Local Governments is not satisfied with the plan. According to György Gémesi, nothing was agreed upon with the local governments, and Gergely Karácsony spoke of the rough work – and it’s really hard to explain, apart from the lack of attention, that sometimes the text changed from Hungarian to English randomly. According to Christmas, the entire document only tries to hide the government’s intention to obtain the largest possible number of resources for the construction industry.

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HVG discovered that stocking the ventilators the government bought in last year’s surplus costs around ninety million forint per month. The machines can be stored for free on Teva Pharmaceuticals’ Gödöllő site until September 30 of last year, when the contract was converted into a market-based contract.


Additionally, the owners of the real estate complex were changed twice in the meantime. The area was first purchased by Tibor Victoria Ingatlanhasznosító Kft. From Schimicsek, known from the real estate business in downtown Pest, from the Israeli pharmaceutical company. According to the land registry, the name Carion Befektetési Alapkezelő Zrt has been added. The Carolina Real Estate Fund was added to the title deed starting in March of this year. The name Carrion Group may have been familiar since 2016, when Antal Rogan clearly defined the terms of the lottery.

Photo of the week: The new Bubik is already being tested on the streets of the capital.

Giorgi Matulsi writes that there is an urgent need to change the government’s perception in Hungary, “similar to the Indian Ministry of Yoga and the Emirati Ministry of Happiness, a Hungarian Ministry of Talents will be needed.” It was such a surreal sentence of him that we looked at what the two aforementioned ministries were doing.

The result of working in the UAE Ministry of Happiness is the national program there, which often appears to be a corporate assistance program, and the mission of implementing the “happiness agenda” and measuring happiness with scientific tools. But at least it is about science, unlike India, where the Yoga Ministry has tried to suggest a homeopathic remedy for autism or coronavirus.

The mayor said if there was no student city, the question that arises is whether there will be a World Athletics Championships. Gergely Karácsony said this after it was found that the planned construction of the Hungarian campus of Fudan University in China from a giant Chinese loan could endanger the construction of the students’ city.

In response, Foreign Minister Balaz Forges said at a press conference: These are two separate projects, the Chinese campus has been given a special place in the corner of the Southern City Gate project, and the plan is in line with the Chinese plan. But the mayor wrote that the plan presented now, where the Chinese University was drawn up, originally included student housing and offices in the student city.

“When determining the work of the institution, the principle of checks and balances is applied, that is, the process should not be affected by the structure of government.” This is what Zsolt Hernádi, Mol’s president and CEO, has said about the fact that the remaining ten percent of Mol’s stake in the state (the rest has been transferred to Corvinus) will contribute to the New Europe Trust Public Benefit Foundation.

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Hernady also spoke about the experimental excavation in the Guard, which sparked a big storm. According to him, the ongoing exploration wells do not disturb the environment, but it would be in the country’s strategic interest to produce natural gas on its own. However, their activities have been suspended, negotiations are currently underway, and at the end of that they will also decide whether to use the concession. He also said that they are on the 27th floor while building their new headquarters, and the 28-storey Campus Mall, and the building will not disturb the antique.

The fifth largest company in the world would be the British monarchy, if we consider it a family business – the total value of the brand related to the royal family and the Kingdom Foundation is 28.8 thousand billion forints, which is another five billion. Of the total Hungarian budget expenditures. Windsor family members have been passing on wealth for nine generations, but they are now a pop culture phenomenon if they have a scandal like March, or perhaps a death as it is now, treated with just as much attention by the media outside the island as if we were watching the biggest reality show in the world. .

The British royal family derives its income from three sources. Among them, one is entirely public – £ 82m a year in public money – and two are privately owned. One study estimated that in the UK alone, the Windsor family brand would lose £ 550m a year, and cost £ 292m a year to preserve the ownership. Many wonder if it is worth giving so much public money to people who do nothing but protocol tasks, but the answer to the majority of Brits at the moment is yes.

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